I have no idea what to name my baby! Any ideas?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now on to the hard part; naming your baby!  Baby names are very unique-just like you and your new bundle of joy. Choosing your baby’s name should be fun! Are you a traditionalist? Maybe you’ve always wanted to name your baby after your favorite Aunt Charlotte. Well, guess what? Charlotte happens to be #8 on this year’s top 10 Baby Names list!

Are you thinking about something a bit more unique, like Jaxon or Layla? Although those two names are not as common as John or Mary, they are still within the top 40 baby names for 2013! Do you like the name Pailslee? It’s the 560th most popular name, so if you want to name your baby something that you don’t hear every day, that may work! How about Calliope or “Twin?” Yes, TWIN!

The internet is full of great ideas for naming your baby, (and so are your friends and family, for that matter!) What’s most important is that you and your partner agree on a name together. Remember, this is your baby. Grandma or Grandpa may not agree with the name you choose, but give it time- they’ll get used to the name you choose after time! If you’d like to see what’s on the top 10 list of names for 2013, check out these names from


BabyCenter Population




1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 Mason Sophia
4 Ethan Isabella
5 Jacob Ava
6 Jack Mia
7 Jackson Emily
8 Lucas Charlotte
9 Aiden Amelia
10 Logan Ella


Whatever you choose to name your baby, one thing’s for certain: The choices are seemingly endless! Whether you choose a name that’s traditional or unique, enjoy the process and enjoy your baby, as well!