Massage Therapy at Womb’s Window™

Come, have a relaxing massage in our beautiful, serene room.  You’ll enjoy our beautiful spa-like setting.  We offer Prenatal Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Sports, Reflexology, and Hot Stone therapy. We welcome men, women and children.  Call to make your appointment today!

Prenatal Massage and Therapeutic Massage

A signature full body massage customized for you that will relax you and work out your tension, too! Destress and de-toxify. Balance your mind, body and spirit!

1/2 Hour: $45.00

1 Hour: $70.00

1 1/2 Hour: $100.00

Prepaid 3-pack 1/2  Hour Therapeutic or Prenatal Massage: $121.50

Prepaid 3-pack 1 Hour Therapeutic or Prenatal Massage: $190.00

Prepaid 3-pack 1 1/2 Hour Therapeutic or Prenatal Massage: $270.00

Sports Massage

Takes the therapeutic massage to a deeper level…the therapist uses slower strokes and more pressure to loosen your chronic tension, stubborn knots and more. Promotes faster healing for repetitive or sports related injuries.

1/2 Hour: $55.00

1 Hour: $70.00

Prepaid 3-pack 1/2 Hour Sports Massage: $148.50

Prepaid 3-pack 1 Hour Sports Massage: $189.00


A hand and foot session where the therapist stimulates the reflex points on hands and feet that correspond with all parts of the body.  Relaxing and healing.

1/2 Hour: $40.00

Hot Stone

Heated therapy where the therapist uses heated basalt stones both placed on the body and to work deeply into your muscles all over the body.

1 1/2 Hour: $120.00  (for those who are not pregnant.)

Stones may be added to any massage other than prenatal for an additional $10.00 (for those who are not pregnant.)


Essential Oils:  $10.00 (for those who are not pregnant.)

* Your time is reserved just for you.  Therefore, prepayment is taken at the time your massage is made.  A four hour notice must be given if you need to reschedule.  No refunds.