Learn more about 3D 4D Ultrasound

Every day the week prior to your visit, drink 10-12 8 ounces glasses of water. The day of your appointment, drink water through the day and one hour prior to your appointment, empty your bladder completely for the last time. Then, have an 8 oz sugary drink if you don’t have sugar issues and have a small meal to get your baby moving and kicking. We want your bladder to be comfortably full when you come.

You may Download and Print the following two forms and bring them with you on your appointment date.  Otherwise, you can fill out these forms at the office:

Download our Patient Information Form
Download our Waiver and Release Form

Yes. We use the Medison A-30. This is the latest technology available on the market today! Medison invented 3D/4D technology and shares its inventions with other companies such as GE. Our systems contain the latest version of 3D/4D and HD technology unlike others which still use the older version of this technology. When you want the best images you can get, it is all in the technology and technicians performing your session.

The FDA has issued warnings about the use of ultrasound for non medical purposes. The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement recently issued a paper that states that after 50 years of constant use of ultrasound technology, NO adverse health impacts have been found. There is no radiation. The FDA concern of “prolonged exposure” is addressed by Womb’s Window by following all FDA guidelines and recommendations for length of scan and sound wave strength. By staying within the guidelines, body temperature/amniotic temperature is raised no more than if the Mommy were to take a walk around the block, or if she were outside in hot weather.

NO! Our service is an elective 3D ultrasound. Our mommies must be receiving prenatal care and have already undergone a diagnostic ultrasound by their provider of care. This exam is never to be used in place of a complete medical diagnostic ultrasound.

Yes. we recommend scheduling 1-2 weeks prior to the time you will be having your session if you are able to come during the day. But if you need an evening or Saturday appointment, it’s best if you schedule at least 2-4 weeks in advance. However, since we are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm, our scheduling is much more flexible than in the past. We can schedule gender checks in the same week if you are so excited to find out the sex of your baby and don’t want to wait!

Depending on the package you choose, anywhere from 15 minutes to 50 minutes. (It takes about 20-25 minutes to burn the CD & DVD and to print the photos).

We do not charge for canceled appointments but we do hope that people will have the courtesy to cancel their appointment 24 hours in advance so that we might give someone else the opportunity to see their baby. Remember, when you make an appointment, we reserve that time just for you. Please give us a call if you cannot make your appointment rather than be a no show.

If you do not show up for your appointment in order for you to reschedule, we need to take your payment at the time you reschedule your appointment plus a $25.00 fee for your missed appointment.

We do not take your credit card information when you schedule your appointment.  We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit Cards and Cash at the time of your appointment.

Because we want to have adequate time with each of your babies, we charge an additional $20.00 for each baby and schedule more time for them.

All 3D/4D manufacturers make quality machines. You will hear one manufacturer say theirs of course is better than another…but the fact is…the machine is only as good as the person operating the machine. At Womb’s Window™, we use the Medison A-30 which not only gives beautiful images in 3D/4D but in High Definition (HD). Medison invented the 3d/4dD technology and has now sold the technology to other manufacturers (GE, Phillips, Acuson etc). Our machine produces the same (or better in most instances), beautiful images of your baby that any other ultrasound company can give you, regardless of the hype. We have been taking keepsake photos of thousands of babies in the Central Valley with absolutely beautiful results for nearly 11 years!

3D is the still picture of the baby and 4D is the live motion of the baby where we can enjoy watching him or her move, yawn, stretch and do all kinds of fun things. Medison calls this technology Live 3D. 4D and Live 3D are exactly the same thing. High Definition (HD) is the newest technology available. HD Live Ultrasound shows amazing realistic images of your baby using an advanced illumination model supporting shadows, a virtual light source and skin rendering techniques to exhibit this incredible experience.  Our machines are new, well maintained medical machines set in the OB application in place and energy levels set by the manufacturer well below FDA limits. We have been enjoying watching babies moving in the womb and love capturing these precious moments with expectant families for nearly 11 years.

Picture quality is affected by several factors
• Position of the baby
• The amount of amniotic fluid surrounding baby
• The amount of maternal tissue between the probe and the baby

14 gestational weeks. We guarantee 100% determination from the scan the gender of your baby from 14 weeks on. If we cannot determine gender during your appointment i.e. (baby could be in a position that we just can’t tell) we will reschedule another appointment at no extra charge.

As much as we would like to, sometimes it is not possible to get a picture of the baby. The best pictures are taken when mothers have large amounts of amniotic fluid and have an average amount of body tissue between the baby and the probe. We will do our best to take a fantastic picture.

If we are unable to obtain a picture of a baby, we do not offer a refund. If the baby is in a non-photographical position (i.e. face down towards the mother’s spine), we will invite you back one time for no additional charge.

First, we need your physician’s name, address and telephone number. We also need the date of your diagnostic ultrasound that your doctor ordered. This is how we confirm your prenatal care. You may download this form and bring it with you by clicking here.

The ultrasound room has space to accommodate up to 15 people. We encourage you to bring whomever you want to share this experience with. Children are more than welcome to attend the session. Please make sure they have a supervising adult with them at all times.

Please do not bring food and drinks (water is OK for pregnant moms).

Payment is due in full at time of service. We accept VISA, MC, Discover, debit cards, money orders and cash. Personal checks are not accepted. For your convenience, we charge per visit when you get a Combo package.

Insurance plans do not cover elective keepsake photography sessions. While we are performing limited diagnostic services (heart rate, gender, fetal position) we are an elective service and supplemental to your physician care.