Happy March from Womb’s Window!

Greetings from Womb’s Window! We’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS! It’s because of faithful customers like you who keep telling your friends and family about us that we are busy, busy busy all the time!

We are happy to announce that  not only are we skilled in presenting quality 2D, 3D, and 4D images, but we also have a full line of mommy and baby boutique items, clothing, gifts, teas, supplements,  fertility products, heartbeat animals, and so much more! Additionally, we also have supplements and fertility products for Daddy, as well!

Interested in purchasing a gift certificate? We offer many different 2D, 3D, and 4D packages. We also offer Massage Therapy for not only mommies, but for daddies and children over two years old.

Womb with a View has changed its name!

Exciting news! We’ve changed our name! “Womb With a View” is now “Womb’s Window.” Same great people, same great prices, same great packages, same great service….the only thing that’s changed is our name.  We’ve built our reputation on being the premier 3D/4D Ultrasound office in the Central Valley over the last 9 years.  Most of our business is a result of folks like you who have told your friends and family about your great experience with us, and we’d like to thank you for that! So the next time you hear or see the name, “Womb’s Window” know that you can trust that you’ll be receiving everything we’ve built our reputation on.

What sets Womb with a View apart from the rest?

At Womb with a View, we offer a professional, warm, caring environment. When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted with a smile. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, we understand that you may be experiencing a little anxiety. We do our best to create an atmosphere that will put you at ease. From our soft beds to our warmed gel for your belly, you’ll love your experience at Womb with a View!

Although our scan rooms are suitable for up to 15 people, they still embody a warm, cozy feel. Something that we hear constantly from our clients is how they appreciate the time and effort our sonographers put into their scans. We sometimes encounter babies who are just too shy to show their faces or even their gender! Our sonographers are very patient and take the time to determine your baby’s gender or see their beautiful face! If we encounter a particularly “shy” baby, we offer a complimentary return! Your satisfaction is our goal.

Business has been booming so much that we had to open a second scan room in the last couple of years! Additionally, we’re open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for your convenience.  We are very family-friendly at Womb with a View.  We offer toys and books for your little ones to enjoy during Mommy’s ultrasound experience.  Our boutique is full of hand-picked specialty items just for you. Come in and check out our quality diaper bags, clothing, heartbeat animals, gifts, and so much more!

Listen to what people are saying about Womb with a View:

I loved Womb with a View. My baby was really shy. He had the umbilical cord across his face and his feet in his face almost the whole time but they didn’t give up until we got some clear shots!


I just wanted to tell everyone about my Amazing experience with Womb With A View yesterday. After a few really bad experiences with their competitor in Modesto, I decided to go to Womb With a View for my biggest and last package for my 28 week 3D DVD and pictures. The feeling in there is so warm and friendly, there are way more screens, and my technician seemed to truly love her job and was so excited! To top it off, this morning when I woke up, I got a thank you email, and it let me know about the returning customer discount which is still good toward sale priced packages (the other place is only off full price and their packages are never full price). I really wish I would have went to them in the first place! Next pregnancy I will only be going to Womb with a View.


I was in yesterday. We had a great experience! It was amazing. You’re so nice and all our pictures are adorable! It’s amazing how well you can see my baby girl. She’s beautiful!! Thank you so much. I just love the cow (heart beat animal) I got with my baby’s heart beat. You guys are amazing! Thank you!


Just wanted to say thanks to the ladies working at Womb with a View in Modesto. I love coming here. They’re always super nice! My son was hard to see I think because I’m 37 weeks, but she didn’t give up and thank God because he came around and we got to see our baby boys face. I always tell people to go there. :) Thanks again!!


Thank you Womb With A View for allowing me to get a glimpse of my little girl today. I love all your techs, and the wonderful opportunities they provide for us expecting mommies!


Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It is indeed OUR pleasure to see your babies. We’ll see you soon!

Our New Products

Hi everyone! We don’t know if it’s just us or if it’s baby season, but it seems like everyone we know is pregnant, including our own sonographer, Kasandra! Our office is an awesome place to purchase gifts for baby… AND for mommy, too! Kasandra got our new baby briefcase, which is a great place to store important baby paperwork and with all the pockets and features, it will help you get organized also!

We carry many unique items, such as our Moby Wrap, which is a available in our boutique for just $44.95 and up. The Moby Wrap is a fun baby carrier that’s VERY popular with our mommies! We have a vast assortment of new items that you’ll absolutely love!

Just yesterday we got in these new Smart bags from Ju-Ju-Be. They are perfect for moms on the go who don’t want to lug a large diaper bag everywhere. There are as light as air, reversible, and so easy to clean. They even have a little matching changing pad inside them, so wherever you go, you can easily change your little one! Our receptionist loves this bag so much, she’s tempted to buy the vibrant red one and just use it as a purse!

Also, just in, we received a new shipment of Hooter Hiders. What are Hooter Hiders? Glad you asked! They are nursing covers (from BEBE AU LAIT) made to give mom privacy and fashion while breast feeding in public. They come in the most beautiful shades and patterns.  Our staff is still swooning over them and most of us are not even pregnant! These nursing covers are perfect whether you’re expecting, just had you precious bundle of joy, or are looking for something special for an expectant mother in your life.

When you or your friends have your baby, you can make sure you’re doing it in one of our Pretty Pushers, (a fashionable delivery gown which is a great baby shower gift, by the way!) They are completely superior to hospital gowns, hands down! They close in the back, are easily adjusted, have an opening in the front for hospital monitor attachments, and are so cute! Come and check them out!

We have to say though we’re most excited about our new online store!  It will be up and running soon and you’ll be able to do your entire baby shopping while sitting on the couch! It’s just in time for all that Christmas shopping you’ll be doing and we are in the works of getting our special Christmas packages together as we speak!

Here are some other great things we offer in our sonogram boutique:

* Christening headbands & beanies!

* Auntie & Grandma brag books

* Photo Frames

* Baby heart beat teddy bears

………And so much more!

Whether you’re looking for baby or mommy gifts, make sure to ask us if we can order it for you if you don’t see it in our boutique!

Womb With a View has a New Look!

Oh, what a busy few months we have had here at Womb With a View!

In January of this year, we began redecorating our waiting room and our massage room.  We knew that we wanted to keep a warm, inviting, homey atmosphere but yet update and modernize.  We had so much fun choosing earthy colors where our clients told us what they thought looked best.

We are so pleased with the transformation of our office.  We chose warm earth tone colors with a beautiful white chair rail that surrounds the room.  Everyone loves our new baby wall as we have replaced our old baby wall with a beautiful wall that shows the progression of babies from 17 to 35 weeks.  Even though we see it every day, we are always in awe at these miracles of new life and love to look at the pictures of precious little faces.

Our spacious massage room exudes luxury and warmth!  Everyone who sees it says it is very spa-like.  We chose a white chair rail separating warm, green tones.  We kept our room very organic that creates a desire to get a wonderful, relaxing massage and be pampered.

It has been gratifying that our clients are so impressed when they have seen the difference of before and after our redecorating.  All of our clients were so gracious as we updated and we want to thank you for your patience and for letting you share your babies with us. We continue to add more services and want you to feel at home here. Everything is about YOU and your baby and we hope this renovation helps you feel more at home here and enjoy this special time in your life with your unborn baby!