How do I prepare for my 3D/4D Sonogram?

In addition to drinking 10-12 cups of water daily, we ask that you arrive at your appointment with a full (but not uncomfortable) bladder.  Make sure you have a light snack about a half hour before your appointment, and eat or drink something sweet if you do not have any sugar-related issues. Many of our mommies have a difficult time drinking water, so, adding an orange or lemon slice to add flavor may make it a bit easier to drink.



What’s the difference between 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, and 4D ultrasound?

Isn’t technology wonderful? Remember the days when the only peek at your little bundle was in 2D? With 3D and 4D imaging, our photos can show so much detail! As you know, a 2D image will show your baby in black and white, and usually in profile form. 3D imaging contains color images where you can see your baby’s every detail. As early as 16-21 weeks, you can see your baby’s tiny fingers, nostrils, and even catch them smiling at you! 4D imaging shows your baby’s movement in 3D, so the next time you feel your ribs being poked, 4D imaging will show you if it came from his/her foot, hands, or elbow!

Is there a risk of the Sonogram harming my baby?

Our ultrasound machines use sound waves and contain no radiation. Our appointments will typically never exceed 30 minutes, so you could come in as often as you’d like! We offer packages that will allow you to view your baby as he/she grows, so you can rest assured; at Womb with a View, there is no danger of you or your baby being harmed.