Comfortable 3D and 4D Ultrasound in Modesto

Womb’s Window™ was started with families in mind in May of 2004. The moment many people see their children and grandchildren is so special and we feel honored to be a part of that experience. Since opening, we have served thousands of families in the Central Valley and beyond and have done nearly 30,000 scans. Womb’s Window has gained the reputation of being accurate in doing gender checks and in having great customer service. Most of our business is referrals from families and physicians who know that we offer affordable packages, quality pictures and great customer service. It is our desire that every pregnant mom and her family have wonderful memories of seeing their baby because this is part of their birth experience and we want people to look back on this time with joy and satisfaction.

Womb’s Window™  is an elective 3D/4D ultrasound photography session that gives the opportunity for families to ooh and aah over their babies without feeling rushed. It is a chance to discover whose lips, chin and nose the baby has and to witness their babies’ personalities.

Each of our sonographers has had extensive training in 3D/4D ultrasound imaging. We do not do diagnostic imaging, therefore we are not required to be certified.  We follow the FDA guidelines for minimal exposure to sound waves which accounts for the timelimits on each of our packages.  Our sonographers  have the expertise in getting the best possible pictures of your baby with the least amount of exposure. We love babies and their families and feel it is a privilege that people will allow us to share in seeing their baby for the first time.

We enjoy receiving positive feedback from clients and from physician’s offices regarding this service.  Mothers who use Womb’s Window™  in Modesto must verify they are receiving prenatal care and that they have had their diagnostic ultrasound before enjoying a photography session at Womb’s Window™.  This helps to ensure the mother and her baby are receiving the best prenatal care. We are here as a supplemental service to your physician’s care.