Happy April Fool’s Day!


Although the exact origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown, we always love to celebrate, don’t we? April Fools’ Day is observed throughout the Western world.  Some of the practices include sending someone on a “fool’s errand,” looking for things that don’t exist; playing pranks; and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.

With the overwhelmingly popular television shows like: “Candid Camera,” “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” “Punk’d,” and Canada’s “Just for Laughs Gags,” it’s clear that we love to laugh.

The French call April 1 Poisson d’Avril, or “April Fish.” French children sometimes tape a picture of a fish on the back of their schoolmates, crying “Poisson d’Avril” when the prank is discovered.

What are some of the practical jokes that have been played on you on April Fool’s Day? What pranks have you played on others? How were they received?