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WOW! Now that my wife and I have had our baby, we appreciate our experience at Womb’s Window even more. We had no idea that our sessions with Michelle would not only give us a glimpse of what our baby was going to look like, but to see what his personality was going to be was very unexpected. Through the 3D pictures and the DVD we saw things in the womb about our baby that landed up taking place outside of the womb! In his pictures he smiled a ton and guess what…he’s still doing that. On the DVD we saw him sleeping with his little hands by his head and that’s exactly how he sleeps now. We also saw a very content baby in both the DVD and the pictures and our little boy is the ‘poster child’ of being content (outside of changing his diaper). We knew the pictures were going to be amazing and we showed them off to all of our friends and family but we had no idea that through Womb’s Window we’d get to know our little guy before he even arrived. Was it worth it? Absolutely 100%! Like I say on the radio, the proof is in the pictures and my friends at Womb’s Window can do the same for you and your baby that they did for mine. What are you waiting for? Call them at 209-577-2408 or 209-577-2409 and get to know your baby.
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Womb’s Window was a great experience!! I came 3 times during my pregnancy and got the greatest pictures…what an awesome thing to see your baby smile inside your womb. Everyone needs to do this! Thanks again for such a wonderful experience.

My husband and I have had the privilege of going to Womb’s Window to find out that we are expecting a little girl and later to be able to view her beautiful face. We cannot say enough good things about them. The technicians were very competent, giving us exceptionally friendly service and making us feel very comfortable in their warm, relaxing room. We have received high quality beautiful pictures of our little Sweet Pea and are very impressed. We completely recommend “Womb’s Window” to anyone who wants an outstanding experience meeting their new baby.

We came with our first child, and now with our second. It’s that much more wonderful to witness the miracle of life here at Womb’s Window.

After 3 girls this one is a boy. These pictures have completed my pregnancy. This has been the best! The pictures show so much (very clear!). The facility looks and feels calm and smells wonderful. Thank you for the great experience.

This was the most amazing experience we have even been a part of. Womb’s Window is phenomenal.

This was an amazing experience! I’m so happy that I was able to see Isabella and can’t wait for her arrival! Thanks for the experience.

At 32.5 weeks, I experienced the most wonderful setting with my husband to view our little son. We couldn’t have been happier with our session and most importantly, our photos. We were treated with kindness and had the opportunity to share our “precious moments” with the joyous staff.
Prior to our visit, we had gone to another place that offered 3D/4D but there is absolutely no comparison. We highly recommend “Womb’s Window” and will continue to spread the word of awesome service, awesome photos and extra special attention to detail.
Best wishes to Expectant Moms,

This is our second visit to Womb’s Window and we can honestly say that it was and has been a great experience. Being able to see our son’s face for the first time and then coming back a year later to see our daughter’s face was amazing. We truly loved and enjoyed our session and will always have our precious pictures to remind us of it.

This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. A sweet peek into their private world. To know my baby’s face before he’s born brought me even closer to him during my last months of pregnancy.
The staff are wonderful. I had an unforgettable experience and will bring all my expecting friends here.

This has been an absolutely touching and amazing experience. To believe with my own eyes that I am carrying a beautiful baby boy! Thank you for such a comfortable, friendly, personal and truly memorable experience.

My visit to Womb’s Window, was such an endearing experience. This was my second pregnancy, and I was dying to know what we were having. My Husband, Mother, Daughter and Mother in Law all came with me and we were all changed by the experience! Seeing her baby brother in such life like detail really helped my daughter understand what we had been telling her, she could not stop looking at the pictures and saying “That’s baby brother!” My Husband, Mom, Mother in Law and I were equally as touched by seeing him! It was such a thrill to get a sneak peek and see what he would look like, and it gave my husband a feeling of bonding with him, before he was even born! It was an unforgettable experience that I will recommend to everyone!!
Thanks Womb’s Window!

My husband and I would like to thank Womb’s Window for the wonderful service you provided us! We called you at the last minute as our appointment with another 3-D ultrasound office cancelled our appointment. Womb’s Window not only got us in right away but they also matched the other offices prices for us! The people there are exceptional! The tech worked hard on trying to get us some good pictures of our baby for us to take home even though it took longer than the time we had paid for. We had a lot of trouble trying to get my baby to turn around that they rescheduled us at no charge with determination to see our baby. Now that our baby Natalya is born we see just how great ultrasound techs they really are. They were right on when determining the sex and even that she would be born with hair. Womb’s Window is the best!!!

I love you guys! I wombviewed both of my sons and it’s an amazing experience! Thank you.

Today you graciously asked Kate, “Would you like to see your baby today?”…and then we all saw her. Thank you so much for your time, skill, hospitality and gift of seeing our little girl. We were all giddy. It was so generous of you.

Thanks again for the great 3D session, my little one was stubborn but we still got some great pics and video!!

I wanted to thank you again for the great pix of my grandson (to be). We had a great time there, very nice people, great enviroment. We are planning on another look before he arrives in December. :) will call for apt. thank you again.

I had Collin Saturday afternoon at 3:05 and he looks just like his pictures, but so much better in real life! Thank you for my sneak peak!

We had a great time today at our visit even though my little boy was stubborn and wouldn’t show us much lol

Our little one looks just like his whom with a view photos too, it is amazing!!

I loved the gender peek I found out I was having a baby boy it was such an amazing and joyful experience.

You guys took great pictures of my baby back in October last year, gave my bf a chance to see an ultrasound with me since he was touring Iraq during that time.

My little guy looks like his ultrasound pics too. Getting the 3/4D images done was a lot of fun :)

I had my 3d sono at 28 weeks…my son was born 2 weeks ago….and he looks exactly like the pix! …such a fun experience and well worth the already reasonable price! Wish we could do it again…but alas…he was our last! : ) Well Done WWAV!!!

My baby is almost 4 months old… it was nice meeting her before she was born!! thank you Womb’s WIndow!!

It just amazes me how much those sonograms looks like our babies. I have Lillianna’s posted on my profile from sonogram until today. :)

Love looking at my pics and watching my dvd…Will def do this again next time around!

Well I sure miss you guys.. loved my pics he looked just like the pics showed. well maybe a few more years and I will be back.

You were so great to us letting us try 3 times to get some good face shots of our little monster. In the end the first sessions was the best but I never expected to get more than one try at no extra cost. Even though the pictures weren’t ideal because he was and still is a stubborn little bugger it is awesome to still have pictures and so much video from the different weeks. It was totally worth the money, I’ve been recommending it to all my pregnant friends, and hopefully within the next 2 yrs I’ll be back for another one :)

We were so excited to see our baby with you twice. The first time we found out we are having a little girl, the second time we really got a good look at her chubby little cheeks. Lamaze in a weekend was also great and so informative. Our little one should be here by the end of the month!!!

Thank you for taking all the wonderful pictures of my little one that is now due in two weeks. Can’t wait to see if he looks like his 3D ultrasound pictures!

You’ve done both on my kids 3D ultrasounds and they were amazing!! So pleased!!

Thank you for the add & thanks for the great experience :) my husband was so happy to know its his nose! lol hahahahah

hey I just wanted to thank you guys for the 3D pic of my baby. It’s almost gonna be a year now on Oct. 17. He’s almost one. Thank u guys for the wonderful pics.

I’m glad I took the 2 hour drive, seeing my baby’s face on your big screens was awesome. My son is going to be 1yr old on the 17th… Thank you for a great experience. Can’t wait ’til my son is old enough to ask me to put on the DVD of him in my tummy…

Hey thank you so much for taking amazing pictures. I can’t wait for my son to come along. Everyone loves the pictures you guys did. Thank you.

Does Kassandra still work there? She did both my 3d ultra sounds it was amazing :D you guys are great

First time I saw my son was in your amazing establishment! Thank you, he turns 1 year old on the 23rd and is healthy as can be

Thank you so much for the gift card. Every time someone I know becomes pregnant I am always sure to tell them about you!

WombView’s service is amazing! Amazing look at baby before it arrives! I wish it was around and as affordable 11 years ago. I highly recommend them!

Had my grandbaby photos taken. It was awesome. I recommend it to all grandparents. The photos are treasures and will last a lifetime.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Loved the pictures I got today of my little man. This is my 2nd pregnancy where I have come to you for 3D images and I have not been disappointed. You are always wonderful, friendly, and super professional.

I loved you guys…and the pics of my baby looked exactly like her once she finally arrived!

Womb’s Window was fantastic! My little one’s 3D image looked exactly like him when he was born!

You guys were awesome, I went 4 times while I was pregnant…and one time there were like almost 20 of us in the room…and you welcomed all of them, kids and all! : ] Thank you so so so much!

This was such an awesome experience. We’ve been twice (first for a gender check and most recently for some baby pics) and have not been disappointed. The staff is friendly and they make you feel right at home. We were so excited to see a preview of what our little boy will look like.

Such an amazing experience, explained everything step by step. The nurse (technician) was extremely nice and made me and my family feel welcome. Would def go back if I have another child. Great prices!

We had a great experience! The rooms were big and comfortable, the u/s tech was very friendly and informative with what we were looking at, and we got to see a lot of our little girl! I was impressed with both the image quality and picture quality considering we went at 17 weeks and baby is still so small! We have some really cute pictures, we could see her smiling, ‘waving’, and sucking her thumb. It made me want to go back later in this pregnancy to see her again! 5 stars from the Kiss family!

We have gone to this place twice already. Once at 16 weeks where we did a gender reveal ultrasound in black and white. And one at 23 weeks 3D, which I highly recommend. We got some awesome pictures both times! Staff is always so friendly to us whenever we are there. They even worked with my fiancé to help him propose to me the day of our gender reveal. It was really sweet and I’m so glad they played along and allowed practically my entire family in the room. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. Now we are waiting for 29 weeks to get another 3D cd package. This will be our last ultrasound for this pregnancy! can’t wait to see our little booger, Carter Thomas :)

Had a massage here with Lee yesterday. I had gone for US in my last pregnancy and thought I had remember they had a massage therapist there as well. While the US experience was good the massage was amazing! My low back was just killing me (at 26 weeks pregnant). I thought I might just relax a little and see what could be done but Lee had much more for me then that. She has a background in sports and rehab medicine and she really knew how to get my sciatic nerve to relax. I’m now walking today with only a fraction of the pain!!! Will go back , thank you.

Great experience with my ultrasound! All of the staff is so friendly and wonderful! I went in for my ultrasound last week and had a difficult time getting my baby to show her face for pictures so they had me come back the following week for free for another try. Had better luck the second time! I really appreciated their patience. And I got some great pictures :)

We have brought several family members here and have always had a wonderful experience. It was finally my turn to have a baby and see my baby. What an awesome amazing experience we had! Very friendly staff reasonable pricing. I will definitely be back when it is time for my 2nd child.

I am so pleased with this place, so happy they were willing to work with us and were so incredibly friendly, definitely going to be coming back later in the pregnancy!

I came here with my first child and absolutely fell in love. The women here are so friendly and the atmosphere is just as amazing as the ladies who work here. I recommended them to a friend & the experience just got even better.

My husband and I are having our first baby this year in april. this was a lot of fun for us. we didnt go all out and get the biggest package or a teddy bear, but we were very please with what we did get. We got a cd of all our pictures and 8 photos. he was (is) breech but they did great at getting pictures of him still. everything was nice and clean and home feeling. not like at a hospital. i would go back if we decide to have a second child.

I absolutely LOVED my visit. I think this place is great, and if you ask me the prices are DIRT CHEAP. My husband and I got a gender package for $65 that included: a 5+ minute session with dvd, 6 pictures, and a stuffed animal with our baby’s heart beat. They were able to let us know we were having a little boy the day I reached 16 weeks. The staff there is SO friendly and they make you feel like they really care, that you’re not just some paying customer, ya know? A couple of my friends were running a few minutes behind and they were more than willing to wait for everyone to get there so I really appreciated that. The rooms are a nice size with several different TVs so everyone can see and they let you bring up to 15 people!! It is awesome. I will FOR SURE be going back, no doubt about it! I think this is a MUST experience for any pregnancy. It is just so special and this is the place to go!

Absolutely love this place! Every single time I’ve been here I’ve had nothing but good experiences & trust me I’ve been here a lot. Twice in 2012, once in 2013, once in 2014 & once in 2015! The staff is very professional & friendly. They take their time to get you the best pics!

My sisters and I have all had amazing experiences at Womb with a Veiw. Their staff is very professional and so nice! They always go above and beyond to make it a great experience!

Awesome experience today!! Found out we are having 2 boys! Staff was amazing.

Amazing amazing amazing!!!!! Never will I ever go to any where else. Thank you wombs window for your patients and excellent customer service and amazing pics of my little girl… went today and I’m in love.

We had a wonderful experience here. They were very helpful with assisting in our suprise gender reveal, took their time getting us a great image of our very active baby, and made this part of our pregnancy experience a great one. I would recommend Wombs Window to everyone.

My husband and I went in today for the “Quick Peek.” We thoroughly enjoyed our experience, even if baby girl didn’t want to be photographed. We both left smiling with precious images and a DVD to cherish until she arrives in May. Thank you for taking good care of us!